About Kenneth Ball

Kenneth Ball is a distinguished marketing expert hailing from Sharon, South Carolina, known for his solutions-focused approach and remarkable achievements in sales and account management.

Kenneth Ball

Kenneth is a seasoned professional in the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS) sales strategies, adept at spearheading Go-To-Market (GTM) campaigns and establishing new sales channels to foster business development and drive revenue growth.

His proficiency as a product manager is evident through his ability to define comprehensive product strategies, align with customer requirements, set clear goals and objectives, and steer product development endeavors to meet customer expectations.

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Throughout his career, Kenneth has demonstrated his prowess in expanding market share, retaining key clientele, and surpassing ambitious revenue targets through his exceptional customer service and effective implementation of result-driven marketing programs. His notable achievement includes securing a significant multiyear $1.7M net new contract for the largest software and services provider in the Southeast region. This success was attributed to his adept negotiation skills and strategic recommendations of value-added and economical solutions.


Renowned for his adept multitasking abilities within deadline-driven environments, Kenneth is recognized for his exceptional organizational skills and top-tier communication abilities. Eager to share more about his extensive experience, unwavering passion, diverse areas of expertise, and the transformative impact he can bring to any organization, he welcomes inquiries into his professional journey and accomplishments.